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The best choice chosen by a Customer

We are a company specializing in ERP and RFID solutions that provide customized solutions for customers.
It helps maximize the business value of customers by improving corporate productivity and work efficiency.


  • 2022.05
    SWEETBIO - RFID SCO H/W & S/W supply contract
  • 2022.03
    DOUZONE - ICUBE-based customizing contract
  • 2022.03
    I.D.LOOK - BobsangERP system program development and implementation
  • 2022.03
    NEPA - Additional development and supply of Android App for logistics
  • 2022.02
    DAEHYUN - development of Bobsang PDA system
  • 2022.01
    The Nature Holdings - CARE LABEL, RFID TAG supply
  • 2022.01
    BRANDEDLIFEstyle KOREA - development of Bobsang RFID system